SUNDAY NIGHT FEELINGS / an ongoing newsletter full of delightful, devastating, disturbing things—links I would send you if we were friends. I started it in November 2014, and since then I've sent one out almost every Sunday night. In that time, the mailing list has grown from four close friends to hundreds of people I have never met. My favourite part is getting emails from them.

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NOTES / a collection of stories on scent. I wrote this during National Novel Writing Month to prove to myself that a work-work balance can be rewarding, too. Jury's still out on that one. The goal was to get it online for accountability purposes, but strangers on Tumblr have asked to buy physical copies!

THE SILLAGE / a perfume blog that I started to document the things I learn about the world of perfume. Notes on notes, if you will. I update it infrequently, but continue to buy samples under the guise that I'll write about them frequently.

SHARPER / a short book of poems I wrote for my undergraduate thesis, inspired by cinematic techniques and the New York School. Before advertising, I wanted to be a poet. Imagine that!