Essays, features, and other things I've written.


For FASHION Magazine
Heart Notes

For Shondaland
Treat Yourself (to Debt)

For Hazlitt
Against Signatures

For Buzzfeed
Scents of Belonging

For The Establishment
How I Learned To Break Bread With My Mental Health

For The National Post
Introducing the artisanal general store

For The Hairpin
The Best Time I Had Alopecia
Notes from a Liar

The Secrets of Secretions (PDF from cache; please forgive the format.)

For Aftertastes
Eating Joan Didion
How to Make Tuna Tartare When You’re In Love

For Bench
Building an Empire with a Single Brick: Meet Patrick McKenzie
Cashing in on the Joke: Van Gould on the Invention of the NoPhone

For Bright Wall / Dark Room
Hello, Stranger (on Mike Nichols' Closer)
This American Boy (on Richard Linklater’s Boyhood)
After Midnight (on Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy, and love, and loss.)

For This Recording
Cheating on Keira Knightley (on Massy Tadjedin’s Last Night)
Sadder Than What Came Before (on Mike Mills’ Beginners)
Mere Presence (on Steve McQueen’s Shame)
A Shaft of Sunlight (on Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz)
Extricating (parts one and two) – on a breakup by design